ECS Stage I Fuel System 97-03 C5 Corvette

$ 969.99 $ 999.95

ECS Stage 1 Fuel System:

The ECS Stage 1 fuel System incorporates your standard intake pump, and adds a secondary Bosch 044 pump that is only used when fuel demands exceed “normal” levels. The Secondary pump is activated via a hobbs switch that recognizes vacuum and boost pressure and activating the secondary pump and increasing both fuel pressure and flow.

Thanks to the custom machined ECS Fuel Block and fittings, the ECS Stage I fuel system cleanly ties into your factory fuel lines and continues to use factory fuel rails and pressure regulator.

The ECS Stage 1 fuel system has proven to be stable to 800 rwhp and is easily upgraded should your HP grow at a later date.

This ECS Stage I Fuel System is designed for 1997 to EARLY 2003 C5 with the pump and fuel lines exiting the rear of the tank. For Later Systems Please refer to the ECS Stage I fuel System for 2003 and Later Corvettes. ECS Fuel Systems DO NOT come with injectors.