Clevite LS1/SBC H Series SBC Rod Bearing

$ 9.25

Clevite H-Series rod bearings were primarily developed for NASCAR racing, but are well suited to other types of competition engines. They're especially good for engines that run at medium-to-high revs. They have hardened-steel backings with thin overlays and a high crush factor, plus a medium level of eccentricity. H-Series bearings have enlarged chamfers at the sides for greater crank-fillet clearance and are made without flash plating for better seating. They are available with various under-sizes, including 0.001 in. of clearance for polished journals.  

  • Sold Individually, 8 needed for an entire engine


PLEASE SELECT SIZE, STD, .001" Undersize, .010" Undersize


.001" undersize bearings for under sized rod journals, features decreased clearance compared to standard bearings. 

.010" undersize bearings for .010" under sized rod journals.