BTR Stage III 400+ Cubic Inch Camshaft

$ 389.99 $ 399.99

This cam has made 550 rwhp on a 416 using stock LS3 heads and intake.  It has been back to back tested on a engine dyno against a much larger camshaft that only gained 10 hp with a Fast intake.  The cam timing events allow this cam to be used with square port or cathedral port heads as well as with a Fast intake or Victor Jr.  We have dyno sheets available for this cam on all of those combinations.  It's a great all around camshaft for a 402-427 cubic inch engine.


With 18 degrees of overlap it has an aggressive sound, but is docile enough to be driven long distance if needed.  


This cam can also be used with a large blower like a YSi or F1R, F1X as well as with 250-300 hp nitrous.


Cam specs are 239/254 .624"/.595" 114+3.  


Many people think that increased exhaust duration kills mid range torque, but in back to back testing this cam makes more power from 3500 on up compared to cams with less exhaust duration.