FAST LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold (LS1/LS2/LS6)

$ 819.99 $ 849.00

The engineers at FAST™ teamed up with the airflow specialists at RHS™ to develop a threepiece, polymer intake manifold for cathedral port GM LS1 engines. The new LSXR™ 102mm Intake Manifold for LS1 Engines offers all of the modular advantages of removable runners, while achieving modest gains in performance over the already proven original LSX™ design.

Building upon the performance legacy of the original FAST™ LSX™ Gen III Manifold, the new LSXR™ 102mm Intake Manifold features a three-piece modular design that allows easy disassembly and porting. Extensive testing led to a runner design that is longer and less restrictive, yielding both torque and power gains over the stock intake. New to this design is the ability to remove individual runners from the manifold for modification.

The LSXR™ is constructed from a proprietary advanced polymer material which offers a host of benefits over aluminum aftermarket intakes, including lighter weight, strength and improved heat dissipating characteristics. While the LSXR™ features a 102mm air inlet that is perfectly suited for the FAST™ Big Mouth 102mm Throttle Body™, it can also be used with stock or aftermarket 90mm or 92mm throttle bodies. Other features include integrated nitrous bungs and perfect bolt-on fitment that allows the use of factory accessories without modification or clearance concerns.

Features & Benefits

  • 102mm intake manifold designed for LS1/2/6 cathedral port applications

  • Modest performance gains over original LSX™ intake design

  • Advanced polymer material is strong, lightweight, easy to modify and keeps intake charge cool for power enhancement

  • Works with 90, 92 or 102mm bodies for high flow with a minimum of restriction